Woodshed Jazz Orchestra

The Portland Woodshed Jazz Orchestra is a local community band made up of motivated adult musicians who want to learn more and experience playing in a big band setting with the support of other professional musicians. Led by Trumpeter/Educator Bryant Allard, the band meets every Thursday night at the Medler’s Burlingame Space. For more about the band contact bryant at bryant@museband.com. More about Bryant 

This website page is being used to help support our band through the pandemic by posting resources for the band members. 

Jimmy Mak’s March 2009

Band Winter/Spring Schedule:

During the pandemic/quarantine, the band members will meet virtually at 7:30pm on the second Thursday of each month to discuss current and future projects and other topics

Thursday, February 11. Topic: “Review Updates to New Woodshed page” 

Thursday, March 11  Topic: “Practicing-Where do you start and Time Management”

Thursday, April 8  Topic: “Blues Vocabulary”

Thursday, May 13

Thursday, June 10

Jimmy Mak’s 2010


Some songs to play with suggested listening links:


Here are some major scale patterns to learn.  I did not write the patterns out in every key. I created patterns in one Key “Bb”.  It is your job to slowly learn a pattern in all 12 keys without reading, just using your ear and knowing the notes of the scale. A great brain exercise! As you learn these also be aware of things like tonguing, air support, and dynamics. If you need a sheet with all the major scales (12) let me know and I can make one for you. 

Jimmy Mak’s 2015

This app allows you to have a Rhythm section play along with you on any given song: choose tempos, different key signatures, selection of “Feels” (Swing, Latin, etc..), and more. Located at the App Store.

Burligame Space 2018

Listening Live or YouTube:

More to come including Practice Tips, and Improv Ideas and resources

Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>