Who We Are

The M.U.S.E. instrumental program provides students of elementary and middle school ages the opportunity to learn an instrument in a group setting. We offer classes in Band, and in some schools Piano, and Guitar/Ukulele. You’ll find us in Portland, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles. We feel learning an instrument is complimentary to a child’s academic studies including discipline, time management, teamwork, organizational skills, and perseverance and commitment. Our teachers are committed to making music lessons fun in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Why we think learning to play a musical instrument is so important in a child’s development:

Brain Power

Let’s face the facts. We all live very busy lives. Students can tend to be stretched thin with all of their interests in sports, music, theater, dance, and many other afterschool activities. Why add another activity to the list? There have been recent studies done that show that when playing a musical instrument, not just listening to music, the brain fires up on ALL cylinders, not just one part of the brain. Students are doing at least eight different things at one time: breathing, hand eye coordination, listening, moving hands, fingers, and toes, counting, playing rhythmically, and making quick decisions. Disciplined structured practice in playing music strengthens those brain functions.

Playing a musical instrument COMPLEMENTS a child’s academic studies, not hinders it.

When learning to play an instrument a child learns the art of discipline, time management, organizational skills, teamwork, perseverance and commitment, and much more. In our classes and workshops, we teach the students “How to Practice” instilling in them how to be efficient in using their time by recognizing and isolating  the trouble spots and focusing in on the challenging area. A good efficient 10-15 minute practice session is better than an unfocused 30 minute session. By showing students how to use their time wisely they are learning a Time Management skill that will benefit them for life. Parents do need to be on board and help get the student on a practice routine from the beginning.

Here is a great short 3 minute video about the brain and music:

Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>