Trombone Video Instruction

We suggest parents watch these short video clips with your child.  These clips are the next best thing to a private lesson which is very convenient for parents. The timeline in the margin tells you the appropriate time of the year to utilize these videos although they are all pertinent throughout the year. We hope these videos help.





Video #1 “The Basics” – Timeline: Sept/Oct

This first set of videos is for beginning trombone players. Please click the link where it will take you to a series of videos on how to put together your saxophone, how to get your first sounds, and how to play your first 5 notes. These videos were developed by a former M.U.S.E. Instructor Keith Pennings.  This is a very good starting point for ALL trombone players.


Video #2 “Matching Pitch” – Timeline: Oct/Nov

This next video is for beginning players. It shows how to warm up correctly and how to keep a steady tone. Students are taught how to be their own teacher at home and how to critically think in order to improve their sound on their instrument.


Video #3 “Reading Notes” – Timeline: Oct/Nov/Dec

This next video is for beginning trombone players who may be having a difficult time reading notes and knowing what fingerings to use. We highly suggest that parents look over their shoulder as they watch this video. Students need to have their instrument out ready to play along. After Lesson 7 in their book, we discourage writing the names of the notes.  This video will help them in this effort.


Video #4 “Reading Notes Follow Up” – Timeline: Oct/Nov/Dec

This video re-caps what we went over about reading notes. It’s a short follow up.



Video #6 “Tonguing Notes” – Timing: Oct/Nov/Dec

This brief video talks about the technique to separate notes by using your tongue. Some students find this technique of tonguing easy, others find it challenging. For those struggling a bit on how to do this, this video is for you.  The results will be a much smoother sound on your instrument.

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