“My daughter always wanted to learn how to improvise and take solos with the school band.  This camp was a perfect fit for her. She didn’t feel forced into having to take solos but wanted to because of the unique way you taught them how to use your Jazz Vocabulary. The small combos were a great opportunity they don’t get at school. She had a lot of fun and met a lot of really nice kids. Keep up the great work!”

Jim Salsman


My child LOVED band camp. He learned so much in one weeks time and had a lot of fun!  Thank you for what you do with the students.  He can’t stop playing his instrument and is already looking forward to the fall start up.”

Jan McBride


We just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Honors Band sounded at today’s concert. They blended together so well. They really are fantastic!! We appreciate you allowing her to participate in the CD project, especially since it provided her a challenge with new music to practice. Your pieces are absolutely terrific and it was great to hear the pros-for the kids and the adults in the room.


Jane and Gordon Veale


The winter concert was wonderful on Sunday. Henry’s grandparents loved it. My husband and I feel so blessed to have people like you and your staff involved in our children’s lives. Thanks for the good work!

Mary Prosser


As a M.U.S.E. parent I just wanted to send a note of praise to all the M.U.S.E. staff for the great year and the wonderful parade yesterday. My son, Mac, plays trumpet and has just LOVED his year of music!! We will be continuing next year and Mac looks forward to the M.U.S.E. summer camp coming up soon.

Thanks, Thanks, and Ever Thanks.

Caren Larsen


“We could not ask for a better band program or a better teacher and administrator than Bryant Allard. I have also met teachers he has hired and trained, and they are of the same outstanding caliber. It is my understanding that Bryant very carefully selects teachers and makes sure they meet the high standards set by him. Our parents, teachers, and students are very pleased with our band program. If you adopt the M.U.S.E. program, I believe that it will enhance the learning atmosphere in your school and help your students to maximize their potential in the area of instrumental music. I highly recommend M.U.S.E.”


Sharon Newman

Principal, Portland

“As the principal of Llewellyn School I have had the pleasure of working with Bryant for the past four years. I have been impressed with his enthusiasm and dedication to provide quality music instruction In addition to providing great teachers, Bryant maintains regular communication to monitor the program. I can recommend his program without reservation.”


Steve Powell

Principal – Llewellyn Elem, Portland

Dear Mr. Allard,

I wanted to thank you for the inspirational lesson you taught at the workshop at Archbishop Howard school on Nov 8th. My daughter was the one who did not want to come and wore her sweatshirt hood (even when you asked them to remove all hats!). I wanted to let you know what happened after your class.

She had tears on the way to that workshop. Tears in the bathroom and much pouting. She was afraid (because she had not practiced regularly) that she could not do what you asked. I assured her that she would be fine and just to listen to what you had to say. After your class, she wanted to sign up for the next workshop. She ended up playing for my husband and I for at least an hour that night. The next day, we purchased a music stand and gave her a “music room” space in our sunroom. She now is confident in her playing. She plays often many times during each day. She has practiced when other kids have been in our home. It is like night and day.

I wanted to personally let you know what a difference you made in her. Because of your positive, energetic, true love for music, she now has a new fondness for playing. Thank you so much.



“I highly recommend the M.U.S.E. Program to your school. I have worked with Bryant Allard, the director, and the M.U.S.E. teachers for the past 9 years. The program is a wonderful program for children and helps them gain the basics in note reading, instrument playing and the confidence to perform before others. The teachers are flexible to the school’s schedule and nurture the children throughout the year.

Bryant is very professional and follows up with the school to continually evaluate the program. He makes the bookkeeping end easy and he is in continual communication through newsletters and phone calls. I highly recommend the M.U.S.E. Program for any school.”


Kelly Stevens

Principal – St. Patricks, Rodeo, CA

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