Summer Camps Online 2020

Summer Camps Online 2020

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We are getting creative and feel we have a great opportunity to keep your child playing during the summer. We will be offering several 2 week camps (daily sessions are Monday-Thursday) both  for Bay Area and Portland students. Each day we will meet for 1 hour 50 minutes with a 10 minute break in between. Each ensemble is limited to 7 students.

Besides our usual camp activities (working on basics of each instrument, fun music games, and an introduction to Jazz and jazz improvisation) students will be working on projects with a final video of the students performing their material playing as an ensemble. 

We will post the finished performance on our website as well as the possibility of having the performance of all groups “live” on Facebook for family and friends to see. We are looking in to that. We have learned a lot about the technology to do online learning in a short amount of time and we feel we can offer a fun learning experience for your child.


Example of what we can do to present the students Performance online.


The cost of the 8 session Camps are: $245

We are offering:

• Band Camp for students with at least one year of experience

• Jazz Camp for student with at least two years of experience and the following required criteria:

Must be able to play:

  1. Three Major Scales: Concert Bb, C, and F Major scale by memory.

2. Send a video playing a tune that best represents your skills as a player and the concert “F” Major scale.

• Guitar/Ukulele Camp for any level student

The dates and times of the camps are listed on the following link:  Registration Form.

If you decide to sign up, please fill out the form and then we will send you a payment link after confirming that we have the minimum number of students needed to move forward with the class selection you choose.

We hope you will consider this opportunity.

Camp Coordinator Bryant Allard is a local Portland Jazz trumpeter/educator and the Director of M.U.S.E. Instrumental Programs. He has put together a talented camp staff utilizing his M.U.S.E. instructors from both the Bay Area and Portland including Grammy winner Trumpeter Steffen Kuehn.

“My daughter always wanted to learn how to improvise and take solos but never had the opportunity before now. She didn’t feel forced into having to take solos but wanted to because of the unique way you taught them using Mr. Allards Jazz Vocabulary Method. The small combos were a great opportunity that they don’t usually get at school. Thank you for inspiring her.”    Jim Salsman

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Fall 2021 Update: Reserve a class for the fall. Click to learn more >>