Solo & Ensemble Festival

The Solo & Ensemble Festival is one of our most popular events. 

Sunday, April 25  2021

Here are the results.  Every student qualified this year for a Medal. Congratulations! It was a fabulous day and we were so proud of EVERY student that participated. I want to thank parents for all of your support and also the teachers for volunteering their time. 

Placement List Oregon
Placement List Bay Area



In a normal year we have both soloists and ensembles but due to covid, we are just doing soloists this year, no ensembles. The event is low key and more about giving students and parents helpful feedback on what the student did well and what they can do to improve. The adjudicators are the M.U.S.E. teachers who are very good at making students of this age group feel comfortable. The event is online using zoom. 

  • Open to All Levels of Band Students. Students will compete in one of these 3 categories: Beginners, Intermediate (2nd year students), and Advanced Students (3rd year and more) 
  • Music is either in their book or on our sheet music download page. We have sample video/audio clips for many of the songs on this page below.
  • Teachers can assist students in choosing appropriate material if asked. 
  • We will schedule students for a 20 minute block of time. You may request a preference am/pm. 
  • All students receive a certificate and participation ribbon(mailed to them)
  • Scores are tallied and Medals are awarded for placement which will be sent directly to students after being custom manufactured.  
  • Medals for 1st -8th place for each category: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Choosing Music:

Teachers can suggest music for your child. Please email a note to the instructor letting them know your child is interested and if they can help your child choose. The sooner the better. We give students a choice of levels.  The harder the level students can earn bonus points if they execute the song well. 

Drummers: There are solo Snare Drum pieces at the bottom of the download page

or choose a song to play on bells (if using “sheet music”, download flute parts)

Available Music:

Choose a piece from the list below. If the music is not listed as being in their band book,  Click HERE   to go to the page for downloading “sheet” music. If your child wants to play a song not on this list, please consult with instructor to make sure it is an appropriate piece with all the criteria needed to adjudicate. 

How to Sign Up: Fill out form (link)

Go to this Google link to fill out a form. We are waiving the usual entrance fee again this year in appreciation of parents continuing support of this program under these most challenging times. 

List of Available Songs:  

with Help Videos below (Listen to many of these songs by clicking on the video Link)


Level 1 (easiest)

  • Ode to Joy (in Book)  

Level 2 (med. difficulty)

Level 3 (More difficult)

Video Listen of individual instruments: Flute/bells  Clarinet  Sax  Trumpet  Trombone

Intermediate (2nd year students) 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Advanced Level (students with more than 2 years experience) 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

  • Imperial March/Star Wars (in Book)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Book version)
  • Theme from Raiders Of the Lost Ark (sheet music): Video Listen: Flute/bells  Clarinet  Sax  Trumpet  Trombone

Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>