Snare Drum Video Instruction

​We suggest parents watch these short video clips with your child.  These clips are the next best thing to a private lesson which is very convenient for parents. The timeline in the margin tells you the appropriate time of the year to utilize these videos although they are all pertinent throughout the year. Percussionists in the M.U.S.E. Program start off with tuned bells until the snare drum is introduced in Lesson 7 in November.  We would like percussionists to play both the bells and the snare throughout the year. We hope these videos help.


Xylophone Set Up: Time Line: Sept/Oct


Video #1 “Grip & Drum Technique” – Timeline: Nov/Dec

This video shows the students the proper way to hold the sticks and how to strike the snare drum properly. This first video utilizes the practice pad that should come with the drum. If you don’t have one and you wish to get one(they are very handy) here is a link to a site: Remo Practice Pad


Video #2 “Natural Sticking” – Timeline: Nov/Dec

In this video, M.U.S.E. Instructor Corey Foster talks about how drummers need to alternate hands.


Video #3 “Double Strokes” – Timeline: Nov/Dec

In this video, Corey Foster shows snare drummers how to do Double Strokes. You can use either your M.U.S.E. Book or the music on the video screen to play along with. Lesson 8  “Good King Wenceslas” is the musical example.


Video #4 “Paradiddles” – Timeline: Jan/Feb

Every snare drummer in the world learns how to play Paradiddles. They are a lot of fun.  Good coordination exercise!  Corey will use Lesson 10 “Frere Jacques” as a musical example that uses Paradiddles.


Video #5 “Closed Roll / Buzz Roll” – Timing: Jan/Feb

The Closed Roll or also called the Buzz Roll is where things start to get exciting for drummers. Be patient.  It takes some time to develop. You may want to revisit this video several times. Corey will use Lesson 11 “Rhythm Studies (Ties) for the musical example.


Video #6 “Flams” – Timing: Feb/Mar

Flams are when one stick strikes the drum head before the other. Corey will use Lesson 12 “Song by Mozart and Variation” as the musical example.



Video #7 “Rock Beat” – Timing: Mar/Apr

Corey demonstrates how to play a Rock Beat on your snare drum.



Video #8 “Swing Beat” – Timing: Oct/Nov/Dec

Corey demonstrates how to play a Swing Beat on your snare drum.

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