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Fall 2023 

M.U.S.E. classes are a great way for a child to learn an instrument for half the cost of what private lessons run. Students also love being able to do this activity with their friends and classmates. 

Below you will find detailed cost information. We offer Monthly and Quarterly auto-debit payment plans with our new online STRIPE processing system. Choose your payment option when you register from your school page. Tuition does not include instrument rental. 

The Schedules for each school can be found below when you click on the school name. 


Cost Information


Band and Guitar Classes

9 Month Programs (Sept-May)

Private Piano

Term 2 (Feb-May)

Bucket Drumming/Percussion Ensemble 4 month term (Oct-January)

Payment Plans Group Lessons

Private Zoom Lessons (30 minutes)

Group Lessons
Registration/Materials $40 $20 $20
Monthly $124 at sign up (includes Material/ Registration fee) and then 8 more payments of $84 $180 at sign up and  3 more payments of $160 $84 at sign up and 3 more payments of $64
Quarterly Payment Plan (3 Payments) $292 at sign up (includes Material/Registration fee) and then 2 more payments of $252 No Quarterly payment plan No Quarterly payment plan

Pay in Full

$796 $660 $276




School Schedules and Registration!

Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>