Our Teachers -

  • Contact info: circularmusiclimited@gmail.com
  • Guitar/Ukulele Instructor: Rieke Elem

Daniel Reyes Llinas

Daniel started with M.U.S.E. this last fall of 2018 helping launch our new Guitar/Ukulele Program. Daniel is a dedicated teacher with lots of experience, especially working with students in a group setting. He loves to share his musical experience as a performer with his young students. His class at Rieke elementary has been a hit and we look forward to expanding the program with Daniel. Originally from Bogota Columbia, Daniel has recently moved to Portland after spending time in New York  from 1996-2018.  We are so glad to have Daniel on our staff.

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COVID-19 Update - Weekly online lessons with M.U.S.E. teachers keeps students learning as much as ever.

COVID-19 Update: Learn how M.U.S.E. is working together with our teachers to ensure students continue their weekly lessons online.