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Here are Links for interactive help Videos to support students with their weekly practice and for teachers to use in class. We have both videos and play along audio for Beginning Band Students and Intermediate and Advanced Band Students (scroll below). These videos are hosted on our YouTube channel under “playlists” but and can be referenced in an easy, organized fashion by using the links below on this page. The videos below are stored here on our YouTube  “Playlists”

Student Practice:

Parents, please remember, that the most important thing you can do to support your child’s efforts is to ensure that they are practicing during the week. There is a wealth of information to reference from our site which will help your child. Please help direct them to these videos and the play along audio. 

Beginning Level Help Videos (general topics):
We highly recommend that beginning students with their parents watch these videos especially at the beginning of the year. There is valuable information here that you can watch at your convenience. 
Flashcards to download
M.U.S.E. Book One (Beginners) Instructional Videos and Play Along Audio.
We have detailed instructional videos for each lesson in the book. In addition, we also have play along music for songs in most lessons. These play along songs are located on this page as well as on our Beginner Online Support  Page. 

Lesson 4: Instructional Videos

Lesson 5: Instructional Videos

Lesson 5: Play Alongs with Background Music

Hot Cross Buns (slow)

Hot Cross Buns (Fast)

Rock Out!


Lesson 6 : Instructional Videos

Lesson 6: Play Alongs

Jumpin’ Around


Lesson 7: Instructional Videos

Lesson 7: Play Alongs

Step by Step (slow)

Step by Step (Fast)

Merrily We Roll Along (slow)

Merrily We Roll Along (Fast)

Go Tell Aunt Rhodie (Slow)

Go Tell Aunt Rhodie Jazzy Style


Lesson 8: Play Along audio only

Lightly Row

Jingle Bells


Lesson 9: Play Along audio only

London Bridge

Jolly Old St. Nicholas


Lesson 10: Instructional Videos

Lesson 10: Play alongs

Up On A Housetop

Frere Jacques

Ode To Joy

Hungarian Folk Song


Lesson 11: Instructional Videos

Lesson 11: Play Alongs

Mary Ann

Looby Loo


Lesson 12 Instructional Videos

Lesson 13: Instructional Videos

Lesson 14: Instructional Videos

Lesson 14: Play Alongs

Ari’s Mysterious Adventure

Chromatic Blues


Lesson 15: Instruction Videos

Lesson 15: Play Alongs

Victors March


Lesson 16

More Play along accompaniments of songs in Book 1
(including background music for Winter Concert Music)

For ALL Students: 

Let’s Go Band: Download Music

Flute Play Along: 

Clarinet 1 part:

Clarinet 2 part:

Alto Sax Play Along:

Trumpet 1 (level 2 & 3 players)

Trumpet 2: (level 1 players)


Full Recording (all parts together)

Intermediate and Advanced Band
Ghostbusters: Download music

Flute Play Along

Clarinet Play Along

Alto Sax Play Along

Trumpet Play Along

Trombone Play Along

Full Tracks Play Along

Background Only 

Christmas and other Fun Songs

• Up On A Housetop (music in book)

Play Along-All Parts

Play Along-Melody only

Play Along-Harmony only 2x through

Play Along- just background accompaniment -no melody or harmony

• Manzanita:  Download music 

Play along ALL parts

Play along Part 1    

Play along Part 2

Play along Part 3

Play along no parts-just rhythm track background.

• Sidewalk Strut: Download music

Play Along All Parts

Play Along Part 1

Play Along Part 2

Play Along Part 3

Play Along -no part-just rhythm track

• Camp Calypso: Download music

Play Along All Parts

Play Along Part 1

Play Along Part 2

Play Along Part 3

Play Along -no part just background

More Intermediate/Advanced Level Interactive Help Videos:

Speedrills Page 13 in Book 2 

Rhythm Studies

Kumba ya (Review)

Yankee Doodle (review)

Monday Blues page 20 Book 2

Musette page 19 Book 2

Easy Street page 21 Book 2

More play along songs in Book 2

(Joe Avery’s Blues, Watermelon man, We Will Rock You, Mercy, Mercy)

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