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Current Update 8/25/21

Most of our schools are having us back with in person learning.  For more up to date info please redirect to the following page: Click here FALL 2021 Update page

We are looking forward to getting back to normal this fall 2021. We are working in collaboration with schools to ensure we create a safe practice space as we move back into “in person” classes. Our plans include:
• safety masks for instrumentalists if mandated
• Limited class size to space students out
• Online options if schools have to temporarily close down due to Covid. 
There may be a few schools not ready for us to come on site. At this time these schools are:
Llewellyn Elem
Our Lady of Grace, Castro Valley 
St. Rose
We can offer several options for these parents. Please contact us so we can talk to you about your options . 
The info below is from last year about online classes for those schools not having in person learning here in the fall. 
Online Classes:
If your school is not quite ready for on campus music lessons in September, we will have temporary online options until they feel it is safe to come on to campus. Talk to your school if you are unclear of their status. 
Instructional Support Library Online
As a registered student, we offer an online resource center of instructional interactive help videos and audio that supports students home practice. We have over 120 help videos online for the students to utilize as well as play along audio to enhance the students practice sessions at home. The play along audio background music is a fun way to learn.
Beginning Band Students

In order to give beginning band students a strong foundation from the beginning, we are going to continue to offer our “Jump Start” program at the beginning of the year. This 5-6 week program (September thru mid October) is offered on the weekends and is in addition to their regular weekly classes. There will be a variety of class times and days to choose from.  These one hour classes are organized by instrument so that, for example, flute students will be in a class of only flutes so the teacher can focus in on that particular instrument. In our regular classes, the instruments are mixed. 

We feel it is important to set goals for the students.  We will be organizing concerts and other fun performance opportunities. We make these events fun and informal so students feel comfortable. 
Students will also have the opportunity to do projects with their class, which will include the recording aspect of music. This is very exciting.  The recording element allows us to reach out to an even broader audience. Imagine over the holidays sending out a video montage to relatives and friends of your child performing with their classmates dressed up in the colors of the season. Here is an example of a holiday piece one of our classes made this year:

We look forward to the fall and another great year of music making. There is a social aspect to being in band as well. Please feel free to refer any friends of your child to us if you like. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Teri at or me personally at

Bryant Allard

Director of M.U.S.E

Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>