Piano FAQ

Dear Parents,

M.U.S.E. offers either private zoom lessons or a group setting (3-4 students per class) in person, once a week for grades 3-8.  There is no prior experience necessary. Piano Classes are offered only at only some schools so please check under your school for availability.


A: Yes. No experience needed.  Students will be placed together by level (Beginning, ect..)

A: Group lessons are designed to give your child an introduction to the piano in a social setting. Students learn basic piano technique and learn how to read both treble and bass clef (left and right hand coordination).  Teachers also take time to explore and work on rhythmic development through fun games and ear training. We have several levels offered from beginner to 2nd and 3rd year players. We encourage students at some point to study privately. 

Contact us and we will get you in touch with the instructor and you can work out the scheduling between the two of you. If the scheduling doesn’t work for one teacher, we usually have several teachers on staff to choose from. Lessons are 30 minutes on Zoom. 

A: Private lessons are offered October through the end of May. Piano Classes start in September. 

A:  Group lessons at school. Private lessons are conducted online Zoom. 

A:  Nothing. We supply the pianos and books the students will use.

A: Piano students do need a piano or an inexpensive electric keyboard to practice with at home. Average cost for an electric piano is between $100-$200. We can help you with this if you are not sure where to find one. You need a keyboard with at least 3 octaves. 

A: Many schools have an aftercare program. If the cost prohibits you, talk to the instructor. Each school has different arrangements. Some teachers will allow a small group of students to stay in band room and do their homework.

A:  The instructors email will be on the School Page of our website. Teachers will also be touching base with you early on by email.

A: No. This is included in the materials fee. Instructors start using the books by the 2nd or 3rd week.

A: The first day of beginning band is an “Open House” where parents can come and meet the instructor and ask questions. We understand that not all parents can make it.  If you have questions for the instructor, please email him or her. Students who have instruments that day will also be shown how to put together their instrument.  Those who don’t have an instrument on the first day can observe.

A: We recommend that you sit and talk with your child to make sure they understand the commitment involved. We recommend that students make a year commitment to the program. There is a 2 month trial period.  Students will experience times when their lessons may be difficult. They need to practice and work through those times. It takes time to learn an instrument. In terms of practicing, each teacher expectations varies, but in general, students should practice 3-4 days a week for 20 minutes a day minimum. 


A: It is really important to get their child to practice at home. Each child is different. Some will create their own time to practice, others need parent encouragement and guidance, especially for younger students. Teachers have the students keep track of their practicing in a journal and reward them with fun stickers and certificates of achievement. Teachers also work hard to make sure the students are getting the basic fundamentals in order to build a strong foundation and feel successful. A variety of music is also important. Small amounts of concentrated practice are better than longer periods of unfocused practice time. This is very reasonable knowing how busy students lives are with extra curricular activities. Students need to come to class prepared.

A: Teachers take a lot of time in class showing students “How to Practice”. We teach them to recognize where they need to spend their time practicing. There is also a practice journal in their book where they write down their assignment and keep track of practicing.

A: Possibly.  It depends on each teacher’s situation. We would recommend contacting the teacher or M.U.S.E.

A: Yes!!  Teachers will schedule two recitals during the year. These events will be listed on our Events Page.

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Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>