Instrument Rental Info – Oregon

Important message about renting vs purchasing :  

We recommend renting an instrument first, not purchasing. If you are looking to purchase an instrument be very very careful. We always recommend going through a local store to purchase because you will be supported in case something goes wrong with it. Many advertised new instruments online look like a great deal but in most cases they are not.  As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. A lot of these instruments are junk and will fall apart within a year. For example, a quality student model trumpet usually runs $800-1,200. When you see a “new” trumpet online advertised for $150-300, it’s  junk. 

How to get an instrument through M.U.S.E.

If you are looking to rent an instrument, please call us at 503-296-7713 or email and we will point you in the right direction. We supply rental instruments through a company that supplies us with the band instruments. We have several ways to deliver the instrument to you:

Direct shipment to your home from supplier

If we have the instrument in stock, we can arrange to deliver it to you. 

The average cost of a Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, and Drum Kit (snare drum and xylophone) is $25 per month. Saxophones are around $42 per month. We also recommend taking the coverage in case the instrument needs repair. If you choose not to take coverage, please be aware you will be responsible for any maintenance and repairs and any loss for the value of the instrument. We do supply a loaner instrument if it needs repair at any time. Not all stores do that. 

Please contact as soon as possible if you are looking into a rental. 


Other stores in the area:

Tigard Music 11579  SW Pacific Hwy Tigard 503-620-2844

Beaverton Music 12630 SW 1st st. Beaverton 503-643-5431

Wally’s Music 607 Washington st. Oregon City. 503-656-5323

Beacock Music 1420 SE 163rd Ave. Vancouver 360-694-7124

Music Stands

Invest in your child’s lessons by making sure they have a fold-up-wire music stand. Stands cost in range of $12-18 and can be purchased at any music store or through M.U.S.E. at one of our instrument rental events. Students need to have a good place to set their music while they practice. Laying music down on the bed or on a table creates bad posture and awkwardness in reading the music. Please consider the purchase of a music stand.

You can pick one up at a local music shop or order online at: or

Other required supplies

Alto Saxophone and Clarinet Players need reeds. We suggest to buy a box of reeds size 2 to start with(make sure ALTO sax not tenor) A box of 10 reeds should last them for at least 1/2 of the school year. Clarinet players will want to move up to a 2.5 later in the year. Example:

Clarinet reeds on Amazon

ALTO Sax reeds on Amazon on Woodwind and brass website

What if we already have an instrument in the family? Can we use this for class?

Perhaps you have an instrument in the family, one an older child played or handed down from a parent or grandparent and it just happens to be the one your child wants to play. No need to rent  then, as long as the one you have is in good working order. You need to take it into a reputable music shop to have it checked out and updated on maintenance. It is important that the instrument is in good playing condition so your child can be successful and doesn’t get frustrated if it isn’t working correctly. Many older instruments passed down through families are wonderful gems and well worth any maintenance or refurbishing.

What if my child doesn’t know what instrument they want to play?

Check out our Instrument Demonstration page where actual M.U.S.E. students show new students how each instrument sounds and is played. 

Flute Demonstration                          

Clarinet  Demonstration                    

Alto Saxophone demonstration                  

Trumpet Demonstration                      

Trombone Demonstration                   

Percussion Demonstration (Xylophone and Snare drum)          

The best recommendation we can make is to choose the instrument your child is excited about. It’s important to focus on what they feel good about playing because they’re the ones who will have to practice the instrument and they are more likely to do this if it’s the instrument they choose! 

A common question asked by students and parents is ” What is the easiest or hardest instrument to play?” The simple answer is practice. Each instrument has it’s challenges but nothing too hard that cannot be overcome with practice.

What is the procedure if the instrument I rented needs maintenance or repair?

For those who rented an instrument through M.U.S.E., Tigard Music is our repair service provider. The procedure is to take the instrument in and they will access what needs to be done. If it is over a certain dollar amount, approval of repair will be needed by M.U.S.E. If parents took the coverage, there is no charge for work done.  If work exceeds the allowed repair allowance, M.U.S.E. needs to get approval from the company that supplies us with the instruments before work can be done. If not approved, the instrument will need to be shipped back for repair. This is usually only when an instrument is badly damaged. 

Do we keep renting the instrument over the summer or do we have to return it?

Most of our continuing students keep their instruments over the summer and we hope they get to practice a bit, maybe play music with friends, take some private lessons, play their music for grandparents or relatives, possibly participate in a band camp. We have added special Fun Music on our new website for kids to download and play this summer so we hope you can encourage them to keep playing!

However, some parents want to return the rented instrument and then rent again in the coming fall.

Please do not leave your rented instrument at the school office or with your MUSE teacher. MUSE has nothing to do with the instrument contract you signed with any music shops.

Fall 2021 Update: Reserve a class for the fall. Click to learn more >>

Fall 2021 Update: Reserve a class for the fall. Click to learn more >>