How To Choose an Instrument

The best recommendation we can make is to choose the instrument your child is excited about. It’s important to focus on what they feel good about playing because they’re the ones who will have to practice the instrument and they are more likely to do this if it’s the instrument they choose! 

For percussionists, they are required to play both Xylophone and snare drum. We start them off on Xylophone (Bells) for the first 3 months so they learn how to read notes and play melodies. They then transition into snare drum and play both Drums and Bells during the rest of the year. 


If your child is not sure what they want to play, watch the following videos. This might help.  

Video of teachers playing each instrument on a favorite Movie Theme:

Star Wars played by all the instruments

Videos in more details about each instrument presented by M.U.S.E. Students:








For information and recommendations where to rent an instrument, go to one of the following links:

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