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“Fundraiser for Young Instrumentalist Special Events T-Shirts”

M.U.S.E. has weathered quite a storm, a tsunami of sorts, with the pandemic affecting our enrollment dramatically. We survived but it will take several years to rebuild back to the numbers of students we were accustomed to seeing. In the meantime, we are working hard to find venues for these students to perform and share their musical talents. The students have persevered through so many challenges during Covid (Zoom classes, missing their friends, their teachers, and being able to perform) and we feel we want to reward them for their efforts and determination to continue with their musical studies. It’s also been hard on parents and we want to show our gratitude for their support for our program by doing something special for the students. 

Kids love to perform and what better than a parade! If all goes to plan we are looking at participating in this years St. Patricks Day Parade in downtown San Francisco and the Portland  Junior Rose Parade in June. Both parades have a rich historical tradition going back over 75 years. These are very exciting events for not only the students but for the parents and friends as well. To have a uniform look, we have chosen a fun design colored t-shirt that reflects the passion and commitment these young musicians have towards their musical endeavors. 

This year, we need your help by contributing to our M.U.S.E. Instrumental T-shirt drive. We are hoping to raise enough money to cover the costs of shirts so that every child in our program, including our piano ukulele, and guitar students, will receive a shirt at no cost.  We think our students deserve this and will feel proud wearing these shirts alongside their friends and band mates at any M.U.S.E. performance or, just for fun around the house and in your communities. 

Please help us make this gift to our students happen! Our goal, through our GoFundMe Campaign, is to raise $3,200 which should cover most of our costs to ensure all of our students receive a shirt. Please be assured that 100% of funds received (minus minimal GoFundMe fees) will go directly to this project. 

Here is a link to our GoFundMe Campaign 

Thank you so much. And please spread the word to others, family and friends, who might like to help us out. 

Bryant Allard

Director of M.U.S.E. Instrumental Programs 


Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>