Oct 27 2019


10:00 am - 12:15 pm

Beginning Band Orientation and “Jump Start” Session Hayward CA

To start the year off right, we offer a beginning Band Orientation and “JUMP-START” Session . We find that these lessons are a great benefit to students as we teach them the basics of assembling their instrument, holding the instrument, reading music, and producing the first three notes.

Students (accompanied by a parent) are encouraged to participate. We hope you can attend.  These workshops that are also offered throughout the year are offered at no charge.  It is part of our program.

Flutes and Brass(Trumpets and Trombones). 10:00-11:00

Clarinets/Alto Saxes and Percussionists (xylophone and Snare drum) 11:15-12:15


*  Please note, drummers should be bringing xylophone and snare drum. We will work with both. If you only have the snare, at least bring this.  However drummers should be learning both xylophone and snare as talked about on website.

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Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>