Individual school performances for band students (Christmas, Grandparents Day, Assemblies, or Talent Show and so on…) can be arranged between the school and the band teacher. Teachers will let parents know by email when an event will take place. 

M.U.S.E. annual Winter and Spring Concerts

These concerts combine M.U.S.E. students from many schools in your area to perform as one large ensemble. It is a great opportunity for students to meet and perform with students from other schools and is a unique opportunity to be a part of a much larger ensemble. We have had concerts with up to 100+ on stage!!!

Typically our Winter Concerts are at the beginning of February and our Spring Concerts in May. Please see the M.U.S.E. Event Calendar for dates.


Winter Concert Video Presentation 2021:


Scott Johnston & Catarina New  Students

Bryant Allard Students

Adrian Baxter & Ryan DeHaven Students


Bay Area:

St. Roberts and St. Veronica Concert

East Bay Concert (coming)


Spring 2021:

Oregon (Coming Soon)

St. Veronica & St. Roberts (Bay Area) Coming Soon

East Bay (Bay Area) Coming Soon



Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2022: Click to learn more >>