St. Pius X Beginning Band Grades 4-8

Beginning Band students(whose class is scheduled 2nd) can wait for their class in the Youth center with Mr. Allard where class is conducted in the second room and do homework or go to aftercare. However, Mr. Allard can only supervise 8-9 students in that room so others will have to stay in after care for the hour. Students would be escorted down from after care to their class at 3:00. Parents would then pick their child up at 3:50 at the Youth center.

Please let Mr. Allard know if After Care is not an option for you. It will be first come-first serve for the list of students who will be staying in the youth center to wait.



School Information

St. Pius X
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Teacher Information

Bryant Allard
  • Director of M.U.S.E.
  • Band Director at St. Pius, St. Clare, St. Rose, and St. Anthony
  • Contact info:
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Class Information

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