Rieke Elem. Guitar Class (Level 2)Grade-5

This class is for students who have had one year experience or more on guitar.

Students need to supply their own guitar.

Guitar Info:

We highly recommend that the guitar they are going to use be the right fit for them. Sone full size adult acoustic guitars are too big for students. We recommend parents go to a local shop and have the the student fitted for the right size. Yamaha has a 3/4 size Junior guitar  the Yamaha JR-1 or 2 that is a good fit for most younger students (grades 4-5) and is reasonably prices at around $160. For older, bigger students, a full size may work. There are some Full size “Classical” guitars that have smaller bodies. Again, getting help from a store is the way to go. Randomly searching the internet for a bargain price may lead you to a guitar that is less in quality and will make it harder for the student to play over time.


Guitar Center on the west side of town(Beaverton) 9575 SW Cascade Ave, Beaverton, OR 97008

Portland Music Company on east side on Broadway. 2502 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232

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Rieke Elementary
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