Bucket Drumming/Percussion Ensemble

Our Bucket Drumming/Percussion Ensemble is a really engaging activity for students offered to grades 3-4-5. Students develop a great sense of rhythm and ensemble playing. The focus of the class centers around Bucket Drumming as other percussion instruments are also introduced. Students are not required to purchase or rent any instruments for this class. There are two 4 month sessions each school year (October-January and February -May). Classes are held once a week after school for 50 minutes.

School Information

St. John the Baptist
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Teacher Information

Jenna Pohlman
  • Contact info: jbrace@live.com
  • Band Director at St. Felicitas, Corpus Christi, St. Joseph, Pinole, St. Joseph, Alameda and St. Philip Neri Alameda.
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Class Information

Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>

Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>