All Saints Beginning Band Grades 3-8

Important Note:

We will have an “Open House” on the first day of online classes for parents who can come and meet the teacher and ask questions for the first 20 minutes. If you cannot attend, you can email the teacher any questions pertaining to the class. Questions about payments and other business-related questions should be directed to M.U.S.E. The remaining time on the first day will be used to talk to the students about the teacher’s expectations on practicing, and to talk to them about the “Jump Start” Classes offered on the weekend September through mid-October. Please Note: It’s extremely important that students attend as many of our “Jump Start” sessions as possible. For more info learn about our Weekend Academy.

School Information

All Saints
Northern California
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Teacher Information

Steffen Kuehn
  • Regional Manager and Instructor
  • Contact info:
  • Band Director: All Saints, Hayward and Conductor for the M.U.S.E. Honor Band
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Class Information

  • Start Date: September 16, 2020
  • End Date: May 26, 2021
  • Time: 3:00-3:50 Online class
  • Friday
  • Grade: 3-8
  • Teacher: Steffen Kuehn

Important Note: M.U.S.E. is working closely with each school’s scheduling requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. While days and times of M.U.S.E. classes are mostly firm, the class you select for your child may be moved to a different time, or possibly even a different day, depending on the needs of each school. We appreciate your understanding of this.

Covid-19 Update: Find out about our Fall 2020 plans. Click to learn more >>

Covid-19 Update: Find out about our Fall 2020 plans. Click to learn more >>