About Practicing

Commitment and Practicing

We feel there needs to be a commitment from the child and the parents right from the get go. It takes time to learn an instrument.  It is not something that will happen overnight or in 3 months. It is a process, just like learning a new language. With proper attention to the discipline required (practicing at home as one of those requirements), we feel your child will have great success with our program. We suggest you sit down for a few minutes and go over the requirements that we will list out below out and have a conversation with them about our expectations and yours. We occasionally get parents who ask, “Can they just try it for 2 months to see how they like it”?  Fair enough question. We feel strongly that they most likely WILL  like it,  even LOVE it  if they follow our basic prescribed guidelines. This is where we need parent support. 
We have a winning formula to help insure your child’s success. In addition to weekly classes, we have many events to help motivate and inspire students to want to stay in band and be a part of the team. These include, free band workshops several times a year, winter and spring multi-school concerts, our own annual Solo and Ensemble Festival, Parades, individual school performances, Honor Band for our more experienced players, and Summer Band Camps. Teachers create incentives in class and at home by rewarding students for their practicing efforts.   However, the parent has to be a part of this by supporting our efforts to get students to practice and to attend our special events. With your help, we are a winning team!

We ask students and parents to make a commitment to our program for the entire year. By the 1st of November (Dec. 1st for Beaverton Schools), if you decide that the program is not for your child, you are not obligated any further. Please read our billing policies

M.U.S.E. Expectations:

  1. We ask for a minimum of 3-4 days a week home practice for 15-20 minutes a day. Students have a Practice Journal in the back of their book where they are suppose to write down their assignment and have parents sign off on before they attend the next class. We would prefer short amounts of concentrated practice time. Our teachers talk to the students about the process of time management.  We feel it is an important element to a child’s general education. With a minimum of 3-4 days a week, we feel it is a very reasonable expectation for them to organize home practice time.  We know how busy students get. If they use their time at home wisely, there really isn’t any excuse to NOT finding 3-4 days of practice. If they do practice a minimum of 4 days a week and attend class consistently, they will do well with their studies.  We encourage students to do things like a “mini concert” for their parents from time to time or when relatives come over for the holidays. Use it as a study break as well. 

  2. We ask that students to come to class regularly with both their instrument and book. If a child misses a class, you can email teachers for assignments. Students need to be responsible in bringing their books and instrument to school the day of class. 

  3. We ask that parents consider bringing their child to at least one of our free band workshops during the. These events are scheduled on a weekend for an hour and there are usually several locations to choose from. Parents are highly encouraged to stay and observe.  We have a lot of great things to pass on to the kids but we also like the parents to hear these as well. 

  4. Attend concerts.

  5. We think it is important to purchase a music stand for home practice. This encourages good practice habits. Placing music on a pillow or on the bed does not support good posture and the proper way to play an instrument. These fold-up music stands cost between $15-$20 online. Click here for online wire stands (http://www.westmusic.com/s/music-stands-and-accessories).  Saxophone and Clarinet players need to have a box of 10 reeds in order to have enough for the school year. See our Instrument Rental page for links. 

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Register Now for Fall 2023: Click to learn more >>