Learning ukulele and guitar in a group setting offers a unique opportunity to build skills in musicianship and allows students to learn from not only the teacher, but each other. It encourages active listening and connection through rhythm and sound. Students will build knowledge of chords, rhythm, tablature, melody, songwriting and how to jam! We will tap into their authentic expression by providing opportunities to be creative and let their uniqueness shine.  Classes are held once a week for 50-60 minutes. We recommend Ukulele for the younger students grades 2-3 and Guitar for the older students grades 4-5-6. Each school has different grade offerings so see below what is offered at each school.

Our Guitar/Ukulele Coordinator for M.U.S.E. is Nicole Seversen seen playing guitar with students and talking about our teaching philosophy in the following Promotional video. Nicole uses the same model of teaching which she founded with Urban Guitar Revolution. Please watch:  Click Here

Now Enrolling for our Winter/Spring Session at two locations!!!

Wattle Tree Place, Vancouver

Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm starting February 6th thru end of May

Ukulele grades 1-4

Instructor: Nicole (Nikki) Severson

Rieke Elem

Tuesdays from 3:10-4:00 starting February 5th thru end of May

Ukulele offered to grades 3

Guitar offered to grades 4-5

Instructor: Daniel Reyes Llinas


• Classes run from February-May

  1. Cost per Session: $256 plus $20 Materials Fee=$276


  1. Pay in Full or make first payment $138 and be invoiced for remainder ($138) by March 5th. Parents must make a commitment after 2nd week of class for each session.

  2. Students need to supply their own guitar or Ukulele. See below.

How to Pay (2 Options)

Option One:

You can write a check to:


10240 SW Nimbus Ave. L-13

Tigard, OR 97223

Download Reg Form here if you need one accompanied by a check

Option Two:

You can Pay Online where there are several payment options.  Payment Link

For Ukuleles:

Students need to have an instrument for home practice and class. Ukuleles range in price but for about $40-$60 you can get a  Ukulele that will do just fine. Tigard Music, Guitar center, and Portland Music Company have a large variety of Ukulele’s

For Guitars:

What to look for in a guitar:

Alert:  Do not buy those cute guitars from Target or Walmart.  They are more like toy guitars even though they are advertised as real guitars.

New guitar versus used:  I recommend buying a used guitar for beginners if possible or you can find some new yamahas that you can purchase for under $200.  Once they show their dedication to practicing and progressing, it is great incentive to buy a new guitar.

Size matters! There are 1/2 size, 3/4 size and full size guitars. Your child should be able to hold the guitar comfortably.  If the guitar is too big, it will hinder their desire to practice and play.  If you can, take your child with you to hold the guitar and the store clerk can help you choose the right fit.

Important things to look for:

1.)  Be sure the tuning keys are solid and do not wiggle around.

2.)  The action (how for away the strings are from the fretboard)

    *If the action is far away the student needs to press even harder to get a clear sound

Nylon string versus Steel String:  This really comes down to preference.

NylonWider fretboard thus guitrarist needs to stretch their fingers farther but easier to press down and get a clear sound.

Steel StringStrings are closer together but have to press harder to get a clear sound.

Again you can have your child try the different ones out and see which one they resonate with the most.


1.) Guitar picks

2.) Electronic tuner:  The ones that clip on to the end are the best and easiest

3.) Guitar case:  Soft cases are easier and more manageable to carry on their backs

4.) Capo:  Not necessary for beginners but a great tool to have

5.) Music Stand:  Recommended for home use to support better posture while practicing.


The stores vary from day to day what they carry so I recommend calling first.

Trade Up Music (Ne Location):  1834 Ne Alberta St. Portland, OR 87211   

PH: (503) 236-8800

(Se Location):  4701 Se Division St.  Portland, OR 97206   PH: (503) 335-8800 

Portland Music Co.:  12334 Se Division St.  Portland OR 97236  PH: (503) 760-6881

Hum Strum Drum:  7645 SW Capitol Highway.  Portland, OR 97219  PH:  (503) 452-8800

Tigard Music  11579 SW Pacific Hwy  Tigard  PH: 503-620-2844