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Bryant Allard is the founder and director of the M.U.S.E. Program. Bryant started M.U.S.E. in 1986 teaching in 2 private schools in the El Cerrito area of San Francisco bay area.  He continued to add schools to his program and by 1992 eighteen schools were part of his program. In 1993 Bryant moved to the Portland area and expanded his business. Today, M.U.S.E. has 24 schools in the Portland area and the bay area continues to be strong with 20 schools. Bryant is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a B.A. in Music Performance (1984). He continues to play professionally in the Portland area as a free lance Jazz trumpeter and with his own Latin Jazz Band Picante. Bryant is married to Teri Allard (29 years) and has two children, daughter Cameron Allard (25) who is a graduate of Linfield College with a B.A. in Education and currently teaching 1st grade, and son Cullen who is a freshman at Lawrence University in Appleton Wisconsin.

  “If I won the lottery I’d still be doing what I’m doing.”

Bryant Allard-Director of M.US.E.  Contact info: bryant@museband.com

Teaches at St. Rose School  and is the director of the M.U.S.E. Honor band

Catarina New Martin- Contact: catarinajazz@comcast.net (Holy Trinity, Winterhaven School, Llewellyn Elem., St. Anthony)

With a Master’s degree in Music education and further education at New School of Jazz, N.Y. and University of Southern California, Catarina has worked as a Music teacher in both Sweden & USA  from Kindergarten to College. Catarina has been teaching for over 25 years and has been on the M.U.S.E. staff for 8 years teaching band as well as piano classes. She also is a free lance jazz saxophonist and a leader of her own Brazilian Band. She also co-leads the latin jazz group “Picante” with Director Bryant Allard.

“To see a child’s excitement for playing and learning music is the best reward a teacher can get” says Catarina.

Scott Johnston has over 22 years of music education experience and has been teaching with the M.U.S.E. program since 2006.  Scott received his BA Music and teaching credential from CSU Hayward.  After working with students from 4th grade through High School, Scott realized that what he enjoyed most was teaching beginning musicians ensuring that they had a solid foundation as part of their musical education.  Scott says, “The beginning stage is the most important step in learning a new instrument, and I take pride in the fact that I will get your young musician started the proper way.”  Scott is also an active performer around the NW and California having performed in the past with the Delta Wires, Lydia Pence and Cold Blood, and various ensembles with members of the San Francisco, and San Jose Symphonies.  Currently Scott can be seen playing with a variety of bands including Professor Gall, Mike Curtis Jazz Project, and Northwest favorites Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts.  On his time off it's all about exploring the Great NW with his family, enjoying camping, hiking, biking, paddling, and long drives to new places. Scott has it all in terms of classroom teaching. He gets his kids to produce and to enjoy the process.

Scott Johnston  Contact info:  Johnston-musejohnston@gmail.com

Teaches at: Roseway Heights, Springville, Montclair Elem, Reike Elem.

Nicklas Waroff is a saxophonist, woodwind specialist, composer, and educator residing in Portland. Nicklas has been involved with numerous music ensembles and projects which encompass the genres of jazz, symphonic, funk, world, blues and more. As a student, Waroff studied music at Southern Oregon University and University of Wyoming where he earned a Masters Degree in saxophone performance. While at university, he was privileged to work and perform with many saxophone and music visionaries including: Rhett Bender, J. Scott Turpen, Eugene Rousseau, Kenneth Fischer, Otis Murphy, Stefan Harris, Gregg Bissonette, and Steve Turre. Nicklas enjoys having fun with his wife, Jamie, growing vegetables and playing music.

Nicklas loves his students and his students LOVE Nicklas. He is very patient and knows how to get students excited about playing an instrument.

Nicklas Waroff   Contact: waroffn@gmail.com

Teaches at: Hayhurst, St. Clare, Oak Hills Elem, Beverly Cleary, Findley Elem. St. John Fisher

Corey Foster: Contact info: Corey Foster <cgfoster16@gmail.com>

Teaches at: St. Francis, Holy Trinity and St. Pius X.

Berklee College of Music performance studies graduate, Corey Foster, specializes in both playing and teaching Pop, Rock, R&B and Contemporary Jazz drumming. Throughout his 13 years of drum set studies, he has studied under Bob Gullotti, Tony “Thunder” Smith, Jeff Stout, Mel Brown, and his late mentor Dick Berk. He has been teaching for M.U.S.E summer band and jazz camps since 2011, adding to his 8 years of private teaching experience. Corey is a native Portlander who can be founding performing locally with the Corey Foster Trio, Top-HatPDX, DoveDriver, Indubious and other NW bands. Corey has been trained on all the instruments and has a great rapport with his students and excellent classroom management skills.

Adrian Baxter: Contact info adrianpbaxter@yahoo.com

Teaches at St. John The Baptist, Sato Elem, St. Ignatius, and Arco Iris

Adrian is a gifted and talented music instructor and performer. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Music 1998. He works as a free lance musician with a focus on woodwinds.

“Music performance is a challenging and fulfilling intellectual, physical, and emotional experience.  As a discipline, it can enhance every aspect of the lives of students of all ages and backgrounds”. Adrian