Details about the event:


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to performance time so children can warm up. Parents are encouraged to come into to room to watch the performance. After the students perform their piece, you will be asked to step out of the room for a few minutes while the adjudicators (2 in each room) discuss the performance and score each child or group. You will be asked back into the room and the teachers will have a few minutes to talk to you about the performance. Our goal is to give each child positive feedback on what we felt they did well and then choose one or two areas of the music where we think they should focus to even better their performance as a well rounded musician. Every child receives a ribbon, a Certificate of Participation, and their scoring sheet. Scores will be tallied and trophy and metal winners will be announced on our website within a few days (We will email parents to let them know the results are posted).

Trophies are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and Medals for 4th, 5th, and 6th place in each category:

The categories are:

Beginning Band Students:  Solo and Ensembles

Intermediate Band Students: Solo and Ensembles

Advanced Students: Solo and Ensembles

The main purpose of this event is to give each child an opportunity to experience another aspect of performing music and to give students and parents some helpful feedback. We see every child as a “winner” by coming out and participating. It is a great learning experience.

Music for M.U.S.E. Solo And Ensemble Festival 2018:

This is where you can download the piece of music (PDF) you would like to play if it is not in the book.

Click Here

Every year the M.U.S.E. program sponsors a solo and ensemble festival for all M.U.S.E. Band Students. This is a low pressure event designed to give students the opportunity to prepare a piece of music and play it as a solo or with others in an ensemble. The adjudicators are M.U.S.E. staff members. Every students receives a ribbon for participating and students can compete for trophy’s. This is one of our most popular events.  Please be timely in turning in forms.  Deadlines are printed on form.

Please choose a form below if you are interested in more details and possibly registering for this event. Send in all forms to the M.U.S.E. office (address is on form).

Solo & Ensemble Festival

Portland Festival

Saturday, April 14, 2018

St. Rose School  5309 NE Alameda, Portland    

Registration Form Download            2018 Schedule       

Solo Results (Trophy and medal winners)

Ensemble Results  (Trophy and medal winners)

Bay Area Festival: 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

All Saints School, Hayward

Registration Form Download       2018 Schedule CA       RESULTS