Pre-Registration Fall 2018


To pre-register for the fall of 2018, parents are asked to pay a $75 deposit to secure your child’s place in the program or you can opt to PAY IN FULL and receive our “Summer Special” discount if paid by the July 15th deadline. These payments are refundable if you decide not to go forward as long as you let us know by September 30.

Pre-registration runs until July 15. After this date, if you wish to register for class you would send in or pay online the first payment $227 due for September. There are several Options in terms of making payments.  Please choose the region below to find out more information.

There are several advantages for pre-registering for us and for you. When you pre-register, it allows us to send you information prior to the fall start up to better prepare you for classes.  For M.U.S.E, it helps us know how many students are interested which helps teachers prepare for their classes and it allows us to know with new schools if there are enough students interested to move forward.

The $75 deposit is applied to your account and is applied to your first payment due in September.

We have several payment options for parents. The tuition is the same in all regions (San Francisco and Portland). However, the San Francisco schools have different methods in making payments due to the Archdiocese mandates.

If you have any questions, please contact us:       800-233-6873 or 503-296-7713

For information(Costs and Payment Plans) about fall classes choose from the following:

San Francisco Diocese schools

Beaverton Schools (Oregon)

All Other schools