Piano Club


The M.U.S.E. Program provides small group lessons to students in 2nd through 8th grade. The curriculum of each class varies by grade-level and abilities of each student. The goal of the teachers is to create a stimulating and enjoyable environment in which students can experience playing the piano both individually as well as in a group setting. This is a great way to introduce your child to the piano. The cost of these lessons are half what it costs to take privately. We have a fabulous staff of very qualified and  talented teachers. Students will learn how to read music right away and will be prepared to perform at several recitals during the year.

Classes are offered after school and during the day for our homeschooling students. We currently have a limited number of programs in schools where M.U.S.E. also offers band. We are also looking to expand this program to more schools. If your school does not have this program, please let your school administrators know you would like to see this offered at your school. We would love to hear from them.

We bring electric keyboards to class. Class size is limited to 4 students per class. Once you are signed up, the instructor will contact you and let you know the exact time of your child’s class on the designated day.

Piano students do need a piano or an inexpensive electric keyboard to practice with at home. If you do not have one, M.U.S.E. will help you with this. Classes start up in the fall and run through the school year.

Schools Currently with our Keyboard Classes:

Bay Area:

All Saints, Hayward  (1 school)   Classes are every Mondays

Fall Session starts Monday, Sept. 17

Additional Add on Session Starts Feb. 4th

Instructor: Ann Tung

Instructor Contact: Ann <anntung@aol.com>

For Cost and to Register Online:  Click here


Portland area (2 schools):

St. Pius X    Classes are every Wednesday

Fall Session starts Wednesday, Sept. 26

Winter/Spring Session starts February 6th 

Classes are held in the Youth Center

Instructor: Melissa Terrall

Instructor Contact: mterrallpianist@gmail.com

St. Ignatius   Classes are every Tuesday

Open House: Come meet the instructor  Tuesday, Sept. 16

Fall Classes start  Tuesday, Sept. 25

Winter/Spring Session starts February 5th

Classes are at school: School Library

Instructor: Melissa Terrall

Instructor Contact: mterrallpianist@gmail.com

For Cost and to Register Online: Click Here