Portland Junior Rose Parade

Wednesday, June 7  2017


The Portland Junior Rose Parade is a really fun event. To insure your child’s participation and safety please make sure you read through this material (including the material sent home to you through the mail) and follow each step:

  1. 1. T-SHIRT: Your child needs to order a t-shirt or sweatshirt through M.U.S.E. This will be our uniform.

    Order Here:

    Click here for T-shirt and Sweatshirt Online Ordering

  1. 2. PARENT VOLUNTEERS: If you think you can help band teacher make some calls and help organize the car pooling at your school, please let the instructor know. We need drivers.  Please let the band teacher know if you can drive. Our drop off time is approximately between 11:30-12:15 at Normandale Park. We will know the exact drop off time when we hear from the Parade committee in mid May. We will be leaving west side schools between approx 11:00 am -11:30 am and returning to schools around 3:00pm.  East side schools will leave approx between 11:15-11:45 and return to schools around 3:00.  If you decide to pick up your own child afterwards, you will need to check your child out with the driver that took them so we know you have them.  

  1. 3. Permission Forms:  You HAVE to turn in a M.U.S.E. Permission form into the school office or the teacher. Do NOT send this form to the M.U.S.E. office. These forms need to be at school the day of the parade for drivers to carry with them in case they need any info on this form (parent contact info or medical releases). Some schools may also ask for their own permission form.  Teachers will let you know if this is needed. In some schools, they ask for a “Student Release” form to be signed if a child is driving with another parent.  Again, the teachers will let you know. These generic “Student Release” forms can be downloaded off this page. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAILS FROM MUSE AND TEACHERS.


     M.U.S.E. Permission Form                


     Generic Student Release Form

  1. 4.Junior Rose Parade Rehearsal:  Sunday, May 21 at Wilson High School 3:00-4:00pm.  Drummers should show up between 2:30-2:45 to receive drum straps.

Music: Here are copies of the music for parade in case your child needs another copy. The students need to memorize their one song. Click on link. All the parts come up on the link as one file. Print just the page you need.

Beginning Band- Let’s Go Band       Inter/adv Band  Joe Avery’s 2nd Line March

In addition, here is more information for drivers and parents:

  1. Driver Instructions Please print this off for details about carpooling.


  1. Download an ACCESS PASS  if you are a carpooling driver.  This will help you get through Police check points for the parade. Click here for this form:  ACCESS PASS

  1. Here is a map of the area where all the bands will be going to get in position for the actual parade. If you are a driver you may want this so you can see where to go after dropping off your car at the end point. There are buses but most parents in the past just end up walking back to the kids after dropping kids off and dropping car off near end point at Grant High school.

  1. Here are more details for drivers and parents including drop off point for drivers to unload students and map.

Drivers: Please remember that you need to have the kids leave their instrument cases in the car. They can’t take the cases with them.

Parent Walkers: Parents can walk along the parade with us. Once we get on the actual parade route we might not need all the parents walking along side but more in the back of the line. We do need parents to bring spray water bottles to keep kids hydrated and cool. Some parents might want to bring a wagon to pull along and keep water and other items. Parents do not have to have t-shirts.

We need parents to help students if they need to go off and use restrooms along the way.

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