Portland Junior Rose Parade

Wednesday, June 5  2019


Final Details: Updated as of 5/12/2019 


Our assigned drop off time is 12:00 at Normandale Park. Plan to leave in time to arrive by 12:00. West side schools: meet in school office area at 11:20 and be ready to leave by 11:30.  East Side Schools:  meet in school office area at 11:30 and leave by 11:40. We have been assigned as one of the last bands #30 in the back part of the parade. The parade route is one mile long and takes 45 minutes to march. We should hit the starting line at around 1:45-2:00 and be done by 2:45-3:00pm.

1. Drivers should be carrying each child’s M.U.S.E. permission form with them in case medical attention is necessary.  These forms have medical releases!  These forms will be at the school offices when you arrive.

2. Drivers drop off participants at the corner of NE 55th and Hassalo. M.U.S.E. Teachers will be on that corner helping to take students to our designated area in the park to gather.

3. PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE SURE THAT STUDENTS LEAVE INSTRUMENT CASES IN CAR. We cannot carry cases with us along parade. If you are bringing a wagon to pull along, drop it off with us and we will take care of it (some parents bring a wagon to carry things like water spray bottles).

  1. 4.Students should bring a sack lunch.  We can eat at park when we arrive. If you want to allow them to eat on the way over that is fine as long as it’s ok with you to eat in car. It is one less thing to think about once we arrive.

  1. 5.After dropping students off, please continue to drive to the disband area at Grant High school and find a place to park.

  1. 6.Head back to Normandale Park. If we have left the park by the time you have come back, follow the line of bands into the neighborhood leading to Sandy Blvd. Use map below.

  1. Download an ACCESS PASS  if you are a carpooling driver.  This will help you get through Police check points for the parade.

  1. Map for drivers and other details from the Rose Parade Office (after you drop students off use this map to show you where to drive your car at the end point-disband area.  You will then have to walk back up to meet us.


  1. 1.Make sure you have turned in your MUSE permission form to the teacher or school office. These forms have medical releases and we need the drivers to carry these with the child they are taking.

  2. 2.Some schools ask that you send a note (or use our generic release form (below under bullet points) as well saying you say it is ok for your child to go with M.U.S.E. Parent driver.

  3. 3.Students should bring a lunch. It will be warm that day so I would suggest bottled water instead of soda. They need to stay hydrated.

  4. 4. Please have them put on sun screen that morning and have them bring some along. It will be warm that day.  

    Might be smart to wear a hat.

  1. 5. If you are picking up your child at the parade route you need to let the car pool driver know so we don’t spend all day looking for someone that actually is safe and with you.

Parent Walkers: Parents can walk along the parade with us. Once we get on the actual parade route we might not need all the parents walking along side but more in the back of the line. We do need parents to bring spray water bottles to keep kids hydrated and cool. Some parents might want to bring a wagon to pull along and keep water and other items. Parents do not have to have t-shirts.

We need parent walkers to help students if they need to go off and use restrooms along the way.


  1. 1. If you need to use restrooms there are restrooms in Normandale Park.  You MUST go with a student buddy or a parent volunteer. There are porta potties along the way but I would suggest to use restrooms in park.

  2. 2.Please be respectful of parent volunteers and M.U.S.E. Faculty.  This is a big event and should be a lot of fun but for your safety you need to follow the rules and cooperate with M.U.S.E. staff and parent volunteers.

  3. 3.Reed Players-Please bring some extra reeds just in case.

  4. 4.Students need to be very careful with their instruments. When we rest in the waiting areas leading up to the parade starting route, you need to be very careful with your instrument. Don’t just lay it down hard on the ground. Keep it in your lap.

Students need to memorize their piece

Beginning Band Music: Lets Go Band  (Download parts)

This music has been handed out in class.

Intermediate/Advanced Music

“Watermelon Man”







Parade Practice:                     We are still looking for Drivers!

Sunday, June 2


@Wilson High School

What do we need to do?

Step 1:

Let your band teacher know if your child is marching so he or she can work on transportation

Step 2:

Can you help drive?  If so, contact teacher right away. If yes, please read all the details below under DRIVERS

Step 3:

Every child needs to have a filled out MUSE permission form

Step 4:

Turn that form into the school office.  If the school office isnt willing to take it, keep the form and have your child bring it to school that day. Whomever is driving will need it. No form-No Parade. The drivers need it because it has medical release on it in case a child needs medical attention.

Step 5: 

If you are only driving your own child, we dont need the form. You are on your own (MUSE needs the form for liability and medical reasons if carpooling)

Step 6:

When drivers come to pick the students up from school to take to parade, they will retrieve the forms in the office or from the child. Drivers are asked to take the form for the child that is driving with them.  

Please Note: Beaverton and PPS schools may ask for parents to "release" their child from school and that the MUSE form isnt enough. Parents need to talk to the school office and make the proper arrangements. Do this now.  Don’t wait to the last minute.

Step 7:

All the music is online.  Beginners already know tune.  Inter/adv have recently received this music and should be working on it. It's not that hard (Watermelon Man)

Step 8:

Teachers will confirm drivers and give them a list of who is coming.

Parade Details:

•  Arrive at Normandale Park:  12:00  (we are working out car pooling- if you can drive let your instructor know)

•  Parade start at 1:00pm

  1. The M.U.S.E group has been assigned #30 which means we probably wont’ hit the starting line until about 1:45

  1. Once we start, the parade takes about 45 minutes to walk.

  1. We should be back to schools by approximately 3:30pm or a little later. Parents picking up their child at school should be patient. We will do our best to get students back within this time frame.

• Students need to wear M.U.S.E. T-shirt of sweatshirt for our uniform   Link for T-shirts

  1. Drummers will receive drum straps at the Band rehearsal on Sunday, June 2nd.  If they cannot make the rehearsal we will bring straps to Normandale park the day of the parade.


MUSE Permission Form              


Generic Student Release Form

• Music   Download below: