Instrument Rentals


We recommend renting an instrument at first. There are two reasons:

  1. 1.You don’t know if your child will take to the instrument they choose. Teachers can usually tell within 3-4 weeks if the instrument your child chose is giving them problems. If so, they might recommend a different instrument.

  1. 2.There some really poorly made instruments on the internet that can look like a bargain but are not. Most parents do not know what brand to look for. The low quality new instruments advertised at really low prices are usually junk. Repair shops won’t even touch them if they need servicing. We recommend renting first and really taking the time to find a good used instrument. Talk to a local dealer if you need feedback on what to look for in terms of brands. If you are going to purchase an instrument from the beginning, please consider purchasing from a local dealer like Morey’s Music

M.U.S.E. offers instruction for the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Percussion (drums and tuned bells/xylophone)

What Instrument to Choose?

The best recommendation we can make is to choose the instrument your child is excited about. If your child is not sure what to play, take your child to a local store to browse and have the store personnel help you. A common question asked by students and parents is " What is the easiest or hardest instrument to play?" The simple answer is practice. Each instrument has its' challenges but nothing too hard that cannot be overcome with practice.

How much of a time commitment should you plan for in terms of practicing?

Beginning band students should plan to practice 15-20 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week. We like to set a 3 day-a-week minimum. Small amounts of focused practice time and consistency are the most important factors that will guarantee your child's success. The best thing you can do, whether you yourself have musical experience or not, is help your child set up a practice routine. You may even want to come up with some reward incentives for them. M.U.S.E. instructors do this with "Band Bucks" which are coupons that students can earn for practicing and doing well in class. Students redeem these coupons for special rewards. It is absolutely crucial for students to practice at home. Start structuring their practice sessions immediately. Learning an instrument really starts at home and is reinforced with weekly lessons. A child will not learn an instrument if they only play once a week in class.  We also suggest making a commitment for the school year (see billing policy). It takes time to learn an instrument. It is also important to make a commitment to the team, your school band. These are life long lessons that help build a strong foundation in your child’s overall education. Discipline, teamwork, and commitment. If your child’s interest starts to waiver or they reach a point where they are having a hard time, please contact the instructor and he or she will be able to give you some helpful suggestions.

 Other Suggestions:

  1. Invest in your child’s lessons by making sure they have a Fold-up-wire-music stand. Stands cost in range of $12-18 and can be purchased at any music store or through M.U.S.E. at one of our instrument rental events. Students need to have a good place to set their music while they practice. Laying music down on the bed or on a table creates bad posture and awkwardness in reading the music. Please consider the purchase of a music stand. You can also order online at:  or


Clarinet and saxophone students need to purchase a box of reeds. Reeds will chip and break over time. If students take care of their reeds(instructors will talk about this in class), a reed can last 2-4 weeks. A box of 10 reeds would be good to start with. Keep 2-3 reeds in the instrument case and leave the others at home. Rental instruments usually come with just one reed. You can also order reeds online at:  or Ask Instructor what size reed he or she would recommend.

 • Trumpet and Trombone players need valve oil/slide oil.


Flute players usually have a cleaning rod in their cases when renting or purchasing an instrument. Just rap a cloth around the rod and push through flute after each playing session to get rid of moisture.


Drummers: Drum students need to rent a snare drum. In addition, drum students should have a set of tuned bells (mallet instrument that is usually 2 octaves and is similar to a Xylophone). M.U.S.E. rents drum/bell kits, all in one carry bag that has either wheels or shoulder straps. The cost of this kit is the same as a trumpet, clarinet, and flute.

The curriculum that M.U.S.E. has developed starts drummers on the bells for the first few months so they can learn how to read notes and melodies. The instruction book then introduces the snare drum, and by the end of the first year, students have the option to play either drums or tuned bells on any given song or exercise. We require that students have both the bells and drums.

Thursday, August 30  6pm

Instrument Night at school (in the Hall):  Instruments will be available to rent or purchase through Moreys Music.  There will be instruments as well as accessories (reeds, music stands, valve oil)