The M.U.S.E. Honor Band are a select group of students who are chosen by their teachers as outstanding students who reflect a strong dedication to their music and school band. Students (grades 5-8) are chosen from our local schools. M.U.S.E. currently has music programs in 24 Portland area schools. Performances have included: Holiday Music at the Portland Airport and Lloyd Center, High School basketball games, the Winter and Spring M.U.S.E. Concerts, The Portland Rose Festival, and a CD Recording at the end of the year. There is no cost to participate. The only cost for parents is to make your child has a M.U.S.E. Honor Band T-shirt. This is the same shirt we have been using for the last few years so if you are a returning student and have a shirt already you are all set.  


Students who participate in Honor band must make a commitment to the group.

  1. 1.Students need to make it a priority to attend concerts, rehearsals, and special events.

  2. 2.Students who want to participate in concerts and special events need to attend at least one of two rehearsals prior to that one event. Preferably both.

  3. 3.If students cannot attend a rehearsal or performance, we ask the parents to send a note (email) to the director Bryant Allard at

  4. 4.Students need to practice their Honor Band music 30 minutes per week in addition to their school bands music.

Students who do not follow these guidelines can jeopardize their participation in any single event or Honor Band all together.

Honor Band Oregon 2016-2017

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2016-2017 Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

(Subject to Changes)


Sunday, April 23 @St. Rose School 3:00-4:30pm


Sunday, May 7 Rehearsal @Holy Trinity  3:00-4:30pm

Friday, May 19 @Central Catholic High 7pm  CD Recording!!!!

Performance- Sunday, June 4 @Oaks Amusement Park for M.U.S.E. Spring Concert.  The Honor Band will be featured from 3:00-3:30pm.

Junior Rose Parade is on Wednesday, June 7 for ALL M.U.S.E. Students.

Christmas Music downloads 

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Flute   Clarinet  Alto Sax

Trumpet Trombone  Drums