Fun Tunes


Here are some fun tunes for Band Students who want to have something to play this summer.  Please don’t forget to Pre-Register for Band in the fall. The Medley of songs include themes from:

Medley of Fun Songs

We Will Rock You • Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye • Mission Impossible • Louie Louie, Addams Family, Flintstones • Star Wars • Themes from the Pirates of the Caribbean including: The Medallion Calls, The Black Pearl, and He’s A Pirate

Click on the instrument you play. There are no drum parts to these songs, just the melodies but drummers can play these on their bells. This would be good practice. Print parts out.  There are 3 pages:

Alto Sax

Clarinet or Trumpet

Flute (Bells)


More Fun Songs:

Pink Panther:  Flute and Bells     Alto Sax   Clarinet    Trumpet    Trombone

Click here to hear the song

Yellow Submarine by the Beatles: Flute (bells)     Clarinet    Sax   Trumpet   Trombone

Click here to hear the song

• Use your fingering Chart in your Book for notes you might not know yet

Listen to some of the Songs!!

Links to some of the songs on You Tube Video:

From The Pirates of The Caribbean:

  1. The Medallion Calls:

  2. The Black Pearl:

  3. He’s a Pirate:

  1. We Will Rock You:

  1. Mission Impossible:

  1. Louie Louie:

  1. The Addams Family:

  1. Star Wars Theme