Tuition for Band Classes for the school year 2017-2018 is $576 + Material/Registration Fee of $35. This is based on 9 months (September-May). Parents have several payment options (below) available to them. For more details about billing policies,  see our Billing policies page.

How to register for classes:

Preregistration Now (deadline July 15)

Three Options for enrolling before July 15:

Option One: Pay in Full and receive a $35 discount  $611-$35=$576 if paid by July 15

  1. Option Two: First Tuition Installment Payment $227

  2. Option Three: Pay a $75 deposit (fully refundable if notified by Sept. 30) which goes towards your first payment due in September.

Link for Payment

If you would prefer to NOT register online you can download a registration form and send a check.

Click here for registration form

How to Register After July 15

Registration for Fall 2017

You have several options listed below. We now have the ability to offer parents Auto Debit Plan. We are encouraging parents to use this option. 

Payment Options:

#1  Full Payment Option:

      Pay in Full- $611 (includes $35 Material/Registration Fee)

      Link for Online Payment  or send check

#2 Auto Debit Payment Options (Choose 3 installments or Montly):

A) Divide full amount into 3 installments. Auto Debit transactions are run after the point of registration, November, and February. Parents may choose transaction to come put on the 1st of the month or the 15th. The amounts are: $227 (1st payment includes Materials/Registration Fee), $192, $192. If you have paid a deposit you would minus $75 from first payment due.

Initial Payment  $227 (or $152 if you paid the deposit)

Nov  $192

Feb  $192

     By using our Auto Debit you avoid any late fees.

      Click here for the Authorization form

  1. B)Monthly Auto/Debit Payment Option: Parents may choose transaction to run on either the 5th or the 15th of the month. The monthly installments would be $64 per month (the 1st payment of $99 would include the $35 Material/Registration fee). By using our Auto Debit you avoid any late fees.

     Click here to the authorization form page

Sept. $99  (minus $75 is you paid the deposit)

Oct. $64

Nov. $64

Dec. $64

Jan. $64

Feb. $64

Mar. $64

Apr. $64

May $64

For more details about Auto Debit Pay Plan see our Billing Policies.

#3   Non-Auto Payment Plan: Check or Credit Card (pay online). Divide full amount into 2 installments. The full balance has to be paid by November 5th. If at that time you decide you can’t pay full balance off, you can sign up on Auto Pay to divide amount up into 2 more Installments Nov/Feb.

Sept  $227 (includes materials fee)  

November 5th  $384 

If payment is not received by Nov. 5th a non-reversible $25 late charge will be charged to your account.

If you paid a $75 Pre-registration fee,  you would deduct the $75 from your first payment.

We are trying to encourage parents to use our Auto/Debit method of payment. We are NOT in the business of making money off of late fees. However, we are a small company and we need to pay our teachers on time. When parents don’t pay on time, it hurts the teachers. They don’t get paid until the money comes in. We want to keep our teachers happy.

In terms of drops and refunds, please see our Billing Page for details.

If sending a check send to:

M.U.S.E. 10240 SW Nimbus Ave L-13 Tigard, OR 97223

Fees and Payment Options


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