Music Classes

M.U.S.E. offers group instruction on the following instruments

  1. Flute

  1. Clarinet

  1. Saxophone

  1. Trumpet

  1. Trombone

  1. Percussion (Snare drum and Tuned Bells)

Beginning Band students learn their individual instrument in a small group setting (average beginning band class ranges from 6-10 students).  Teachers are trained to teach multiple instruments in a group setting. Students learn to read music right away and have many opportunities throughout the year to perform. No previous experience is needed.

M.U.S.E. also offers group Piano lessons in some schools (see below)

Adult Jazz Band Class (Portland Oregon)

Band Karate Belts

Beginning Band Students earn colored “belts” (Ribbons) for passing bench marks throughout the book. Black belt being the final challenge.



Students can earn “Band Bucks” for practicing, receive certificates for “Student of the Month” and general improvement.  Beginning Band students can also earn Band Karate Belts as they progress through their book.

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