S.F. Schools Billing Policies


Billing Policies

M.U.S.E. believes that the process of learning an instrument can change and impact a child’s life in such a positive way. We also believe it’s more than just music. Learning an instrument and being a part of the school band instills discipline, teamwork, motor skills, memorization, organizational skills, problem solving, and creativity. All of our teachers look forward to this opportunity to bring the world of instrumental music into your child’s life. Like anything new, it takes time and practice (at home and at school) to be successful. I believe we have a great formula to insure your child’s success. We ask parents to follow our simple guidelines to help with this learning process. We think it is important to talk to your child and let them know that by taking an instrument they will need to make a commitment to practice and to continue with their lessons through the school year. Learning an instrument isn’t done overnight or within 3 months. There will be times when students may get discouraged or have a drop in enthusiasm. We ask that you help them through this. Our program is more than just weekly lessons. We have many performance and extra help activities to motivate and support students as well. Please take advantage of these! They include: Free Band Workshops several times a year at different locations in your area, our annual Winter and Spring multi-school concerts, individual school performances, our annual Solo and Ensemble Festival, Honor Band for students who continue in the program, and summer band camps. We also have awesome teachers!! Teachers have their own incentives to get students to practice as well as rewarding them for their efforts. We feel the parents need to be involved by encouraging their child to practice, attend workshops and concerts and to help them make a commitment to their school band program. It is very much like a team sport. Every students contribution is important to the whole experience, personally and for the group. We are so excited that you are considering joining our program. We can guarantee we will work hard to make this a positive experience for your child and to make the process of learning an instrument fun!

M.U.S.E. lessons are half the cost of private instruction and students have the added attraction of playing in a group setting (your school band). We offer families the option to pay in full or by installments.

Tuition Payments: Payment (in Full or by payment installments) and registration is due before a child can attend class. You cannot attend class having only paid the $75 deposit. Once you have registered, you have two options for payments.

#Full Payment Option:

      Pay in Full- $611 (includes $35 Material/Registration Fee)

      Send check made out to school to M.U.S.E.

#2  Pay in 3 installments:

      Sept  $227 (or $152 if you paid the deposit)  First payment is due before child can participate in classes.

      Nov  $192

      Feb  $192

M.U.S.E. will invoice you by email for the subsequent payments due in November and February. Drop policy is the same as all other schools. There is a 2 month trial period. Starting November 1st, if a child continues taking classes parents are committed for the remainder of the year.

If payment is not received by Nov. 5th a non-reversible $15 late charge will be charged to your account. Payment must be paid within 2 weeks of due date or classes are cancelled There would be a $25 re-instatement fee if parents want to continue classes but will be waived if parents make the payment due within 4 weeks of the original Due Date. We want parents to be aware that teachers do not get paid until M.U.S.E. gets paid. This is why we are so strict about payments being paid on time.

Withdrawals: We ask students and parents to make a commitment to our program for the entire year. By the 1st of November,  if you decide that the program is not for your child, you are not obligated any further. There are no refunds up to that point if you paid the first installment. If you paid in full, and your child drops by November 1st, 6 months of tuition is refunded to you (we ask all parents to commit to the first installment). You must contact the M.U.S.E. Office by November 1st. If your students attends any classes from November 1st on, you are responsible for the balance of the tuition using our convenient payment plans. We commit a teacher to your school to start MUSE based on the number of students enrolled at the beginning of September. Teachers pay is based on student enrollment. We feel it is only fair that parents and students make a similar commitment to their lessons. There are exceptions to this rule. For instance, if a child has a medical reason that keeps them from being able to take classes or if parents decide to leave the school or move out of the area, these are exceptions. For all 8 month accounts, the same policy applies but the drop deadline is December 1st. Any child going to classes past December 1st, is committed for the school year and the parents responsible for the remaining balance.

Deposits: Deposits for students who decide not to start classes in September are refundable until September 30. Deposits will be applied to your account and will be credited to the first payment due before classes start.

Methods of Payment:

The San Francisco Diocese will not allow parents to pay independent contractors, like M.U.S.E, directly. Payments for services must be made to the school.

When registering for classes and/or making a payment:

  1. 1.Make check out to the school

  2. 2.Send payment (and registration form) to M.U.S.E.

  3. 3.M.U.S.E. will credit your account when received as paid

  4. 4.M.U.S.E. will send checks to the school and invoice the school for the amount due.

St. Thomas More School only

When registering for classes and/or making a payment:

  1. 1.Send registration form to M.U.S.E, NOT to the school. We will notify school immediately that you have signed up.

  2. 2.You have two options: Pay in Full or make 3 installments

  3. 3.The school will set you up on their own billing system (no checks)

  4. 4.M.U.S.E. will invoice the school for the amount due.

Students cannot attend class until we receive your registration.  You can either send form in the mail or email us your form.

Returned Check: There will be a $25 processing fee for a returned check.

Make-Up Days: Teachers are not obligated to make up classes for the following holidays: Thanksgiving (or early dismissal day Wednesday of that week), Winter break, and Spring break. Teachers are obligated to make up as many days as possible for classes scheduled on Monday Holidays (Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, and Veterans Day). Teachers missing class for illness or for any other reason, will be making up class within 4 weeks of absence. In some cases, if an alternative day for make-ups cannot be found, the instructor has the option to lengthen the time to the current class on a given day. Students should receive a total of, on average, 4 classes a month (not including Christmas Holiday, Spring Break, and Thanksgiving).

Class Start Up dates: Class schedules and the start up dates are listed on our website under SCHEDULES. It is the parents responsibility to get registration and payments in before child can attend. We do not pro-rate classes for “late starts”.  Classes run through the first week of June. In some cases, teachers may extend into June if they need to make up classes or in Portland, when we have the Portland Junior Rose Parade.