M.U.S.E. Instrumental Programs


Bryant Allard

President and Founder of M.U.S.E. Inc.

Bryant Allard, a native of southern California, is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston earning a Performance Major degree in 1984. After graduating from Berklee, he moved to the San Francisco bay area where he performed as a jazz and latin jazz artist. In 1986 Bryant started his own music education business, M.U.S.E, offering instrumental band programs to private schools for grades 4-8.

In 1993, Bryant relocated with his wife Teri and two year old daughter to Portland Oregon and expanded his M.U.S.E. program to private and public schools while keeping his operations going in the bay area. Currently M.U.S.E. runs instrumental music in over 45 schools in both the bay are and Portland and has a staff of 12-15 teachers.

In addition to teaching and working as an administrator, Bryant has conducted hundreds of workshops and writes a majority of the curriculum for his program. He was contracted in 2001 with the Jazz Society of Oregon and the Smithsonian to offer workshops for local middle school students in Portland. One of those students who participated in this special workshop was the now famous Espranza Spalding, (see YouTube Video) who at the time did not play bass (which she is known for) and asked my bass instructor Dan Presley, “could I try your bass?”

Bryant has several Cd’s of his own that he is proud of which can be found on CD Baby and has recorded with other groups. He currently performs in the Portland area with his latin jazz band Picante and as a freelance Jazz trumpeter working with some of the world class musicians in Portland including Ron Steen, Ray and Rebecca Hardiman, Greg Gobell, George Mitchell (Pianist for Diana Ross), Phil Baker (bassist for Pink Martini), Dan Presley and singer John Gilmore. He also runs a 17 piece community big band every week for adults called The Portland Woodshed Jazz Orchestra.

In addition to all of this, Bryant is currently a board member for the Jazz Society of Oregon.

“After 30 years of giving students (young and old) the opportunity to learn an instrument and sharing the love of music, I still would do what I do even if I won the big lottery jackpot.”